These are a couple of my favorite photos of Bobbie Rae. We’ve been working together in my program Lifestyle-180.

She’s loving herself, feeling confident, and enjoying life, and a freedom to appreciate herself exactly as she is, in this moment.

She wasn’t always able to do this. Bobbie Rae has always been a talented performer and creative artist, outgoing and the life of the party.

She’s a devoted, loving wife and mother, but underneath this, she struggled with a sense of self-worth, and had a very unhealthy relationship with food.

She had tried numerous diets and cleanses, only to find herself right back where she started, time and time again.

Undoing this is no easy task, especially if this has been a pattern of behavior for a number of years. The body will always fight back against attempts to force it into submission.

Our relationship with food gives a very interesting glimpse into our relationship with ourselves and our body.

And with Bobbie Rae, we’ve been working hard to rebuild a relationship with herself, her body, and from this, lay the foundation to a permanent transformation.

One of my goals has been to help her see what I see in her. She has such a gift for making others feel special and bringing them joy. She has a big, loving heart for others, and so we wanted to bring things back into balance, and redirect some of that love and care back to herself

I asked Bobbie Rae what she enjoyed most about being in Lifestyle-180 and she said:


“Your compassion, you having gone through it is so inspiring. You make people feel loved  and worthy of enjoying their fitness dreams.”

I can look in the mirror and love myself as I am, see my value in my imperfection.  A year ago, I would have NEVER felt beautiful at this weight!


To see her confidence in these photos is a testament to the patience and compassion she’s been showing herself.

For her to get to the place where she now loves being active, and feels much more connected and in tune with her body, is a remarkable transformation.

She loves being with her family, and having the energy to play with her kids, and she’s setting a beautiful example for them.

She has the freedom to enjoy food without shame, and in the process is becoming the best and healthiest version of herself.

The best part is, we’re just getting started.

I’m excited to see what we accomplish in Lifestyle-180 Part II!