Hey!  I’m excited to see you here :).  If you’re here because you want to
​LOOK better, FEEL better and MOVE better, you’re in the right place!

I can help you lose fat, tone up, build muscle and have more energy.
​Basically help you feel 10 years younger :).

Highway to Awesome (H2A for short) is my VIP 1-2-1 coaching program.  In this program, I work with you in an individual capacity, to develop a custom plan tailored just to you and your individual needs.  I will provide you with all the support, accountability and education you need, not only to lose weight, but to keep it off forever.  It’s time to say “Buh-bye” to dieting ever again.


I used to be 328lbs.  I’m not anymore :).  I’ve lost and kept off over 110lbs.  So, not only do I “know” how to do this, I have lived it.  I have been through many of the same struggles you have, having overcome my chubby genes to lose 110lbs.

Along the way, I have failed countless times.  I have tried all the quick fixes, fad diets, and magic pills along the way.  I know better now and want to pass on that knowledge to you – so you get the same results I’ve gotten.  For life.  With no weight rebounds.


Coaching is a lot more than just counting calories and following training plans.  I’m not here to tell you off about that slice of pizza you ate last week.  I listen to you.  I’m your support when you need a boost.  I’m your filter when you’re frustrated. I’m your accountability, when you want to know where you’re really at.

We’re going to go on a journey together, to destination Awesome Health.

You see, looking awesome and feeling fantastic are not mutually exclusive.  You don’t have to eat broccoli and chicken 3 meals a day to get to where you want to go. (You can if you want to … but, I’m pretty sure you’d like it if I showed you a better way) 


1. We start where you’re at. 
Don’t know what a macro is?  No problem, that’s not necessary to be successful. Hate going to  a gym?  No worries, fitness doesn’t require a gym membership.

2. We go at your pace. 
Are you a busy parent balancing a career as well?  Don’t have 2 hours to be in the gym?  That’s just fine.  We work around your schedule.

3. You will be educated and empowered. 
I will help YOU take control of your health.  I want you to be in the driver’s seat, and I won’t hide information from you to keep you dependent.

4. We will go beyond meal & training plans. 
You will learn and understand what drives your behavior and choices, so we can correct them.​

5.   You will be on the path to PERMANENT Fat Loss. 
This isn’t just lose 30lbs in 3 months (though that is possible).  By helping you optimize your daily living, I help you to adopt a long-term health strategy that puts you on the path to lasting success.


  • Custom Nutrition & Training Plan
  • Detailed Weekly Assessment
  • Weekly Coaching Call or Video Check-In, to assess progress and troubleshoot unforeseen obstacles
  • Unlimited email and text message support between regularly scheduled check-ins.
  • Can​$149/bi-weekly + GST. Payments are set up through PayPal for bi-weekly, or monthly payments.