Ever encountered the “Food Police” before?

You know, those annoying people that comment on your food … “you probably don’t need that … ” — makes you want to “accidentally” punch them in the face …

But, maybe on the flip side … you’ve actually looked for some form of “food police”.

Maybe you’ve recruited your friends and family to keep you accountable.  Or hired a trainer, in hopes that they would slap the chocolate out of your hands and scream at you “GIMME 15 BURPEES!!”

In your head … it might seem like a great plan, but in real life? Not so much.  (Just check out the biggest loser contestants 5 years later)

Not only does it become REALLY annoying, (and does NOT work) … lasting change can’t come from an outside motivation.  What happens when that “motivation” is taken away?

And, on top of that, anytime we demonize certain foods, we’re not only perpetuating this all-or-nothing mindset, but we’re now putting these foods on some kind of special “off-limits” pedestal where they become this thing that we fear.

Imagine our grandparents or great-grandparents, being AFRAID of food?

For pretty much all of human history, we’ve had issues with REAL food scarcity, and now that wiring works against us, in this era of food abundance.

We now start thinking: “Oh no, I don’t dare keep cookies in the house! I’ll just eat them all and wake up tomorrow looking like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.”

But when we try to “food police” ourselves, we are effectively doing just that — making foods more powerful in our heads than they actually are.

So … what’s the solution?

Eat chocolate on a Tuesday.

WHAT? … NO, I CAN’T DO THAT!  Chocolate is only for Friday night binge-watching Netflix.

I’m not saying, go nuts and eat a pound of chocolate.  But the thing is, the whole reason why we feel like we can’t control ourselves around these foods … is because we think they’re going away, and we’ll never see them again.

Think about it.  If I told you that next week, the world’s supply of cocoa was going to be eradicated, and you’d never see chocolate again … what would you do?

For most people, it’s “I’d head to Costco and buy out the jumbo-sized chocolate bars!”.  There’d be fights, people getting trampled … Don’t believe me?  Check out video footage of Wal-Mart on a Black Friday sale.

And, that would kind of make sense.  But the thing is, chocolate isn’t going anywhere.  Or cookies.  Or pizza. Or whatever it is that you don’t feel like you have control over.

You can have them WHENEVER you want.  What happens when you remove that artificial scarcity in your mind?

The food becomes normal.  Not special.  Just normal.  And then cravings and binge eating episodes dramatically decrease.

Doesn’t that sound like freedom?