“I know what to do, I just can’t seem to do it”

Yep. If lack of knowledge was the problem, everyone with a smartphone and an internet connection would have abs, a mansion and a crazy happy life.

We know what we should do. DOING is the hard part

We’ve all made bold resolutions in a surge of motivation. But then, we don’t keep them.

Why not? Is it because we suck? Nope.

I talk to so many people who feel disappointed in themselves. Why?

Because they KNOW they’re capable of doing more and doing better. So what’s holding them back?

I like to call it “the Fuzzy Monster in our mind”. Fuzzy, because we don’t see it clearly, and Monster because it looks a lot bigger than it is.

Scary movies do this. They only show you glimpses of the monster, and you build up so much anticipation in your mind, about how terrifying and scary it is that, when you finally see it, it’s almost a letdown.

The “Fuzzy Monster” is our fear of what will happen if we leave the safety of our comfort zone. Our brain feeds us horror stories of what will happen, and so we stay stuck in our pain and frustration.

When we build up this “fuzzy monster” it becomes easier to rationalize and justify poor decisions.

Essentially, we build it up to the point where we tell ourselves:

“it’s just too hard”

Sadly, when there is this disconnect between our desires (health and vitality) and our actions (procrastination and poor short term decisions) …

… We end up in the “unhappiness trap”. The “unhappiness trap” gets more painful as time goes on … And we get more desperate.

So we look for big, magic solutions, that are unfortunately doomed to fail. So we build up a losing streak of failures and think that “NOTHING WORKS!!”

So, then we turn to food for brief moments of comfort and pleasure.

The sad thing is, Not taking action on something we truly want, feels awful. It wears us down, it’s demoralizing, and it doesn’t matter how much we try to rationalize and convince ourselves.

At our core, we can’t be happy, when we consistently act AGAINST our best interests.

On the other hand … Starting on a new path, getting more active, eating to nourish rather than soothe … We start to feel really awesome.

Is it just the food and exercise?

NO. It’s because we’re finally taking action on something that matters to us … Our own well-being.

This is why small actions matter.

They point to something bigger: The driving mindset behind the actions.

The switch from: “What’s the point, it doesn’t matter” …

To: “Every choice contributes to a growing sum of actions, that when added up, become something big”

Focus on your next win. Every choice matters. Because every choice reflects your underlying attitude.

One healthy choice, made day after day, is how you get life-changing results.