There’s a lot of numbers between Zero and 100.

The only number where you don’t make progress is Zero.

Imagine a car that only had 1 gear and one speed. You literally put it in drive and it rockets up to 100. It’d be insanely hard to actually get to anywhere meaningful, let alone handle it safely.

Good luck trying to navigate corners and side streets. Hitting the brakes would just about launch you through the windshield.

Yet, a lot of people try to approach health and fitness with this “all-or-nothing” mentality. It’s either jamming the gas pedal to the floor, or you’re hanging out in park, not going anywhere.

No wonder people say things like “I’ve tried everything and nothing works

Yeah, nothing works when you try to hit 100 all the time. Not only is it not possible, it’s entirely counterproductive to even try.

And yet, for some reason people are convinced that 100 is the only meaningful effort. I can only guess this comes from the internet culture of motivational memes and “go hard or go home”

Understand this: Giving your Best Effort is not the same thing as going 100 constantly.

Your best effort will depend on your current “driving” conditions. Some days, yeah, you’ll be able to hit the highway and cruise.

Other days, it will feel a lot like you’re navigating a bunch of narrow one-way streets in an unknown city, when you’re frustrated and lost.

I thought about rephrasing “Go Hard or Go Home” as “Go Forward or Go Home”, but then I thought why are we telling people to quit? To “go home” and stop trying?

Zero is the only number where you AREN’T making progress.

1, 4, 7, 18 … yeah, these doesn’t look as glamorous as “100” … and yet they are INCREDIBLY valuable. Why?

Because THIS is where character is built. Anybody can hit 100 on a stretch of smooth road. But, people who can keep going when it gets TOUGH?

These are the ones that succeed long term. These are the people that inspire us. The ones that move forward despite facing incredible challenges.

This is not about WHERE you are going.

It’s about WHO you are BECOMING.

And when you understand that, you’ll never quit on yourself again.