When someone says to me: “I want to change, but I’m just lazy and unmotivated” … I tell them I don’t believe them.

What I really mean is, I don’t believe that laziness and lack of motivation is the REAL reason, someone isn’t changing.

Let’s be honest, NOT changing, means staying comfortable. Staying in familiar routine, and making conflict with others in our life less likely.

Change is hard. It’s uncomfortable, and involves loss, and tradeoffs. There’s plenty of “good” reasons not to change.

Of course, there’s lots of really good reasons TO change, such as: better health, more energy, better sleep, less pain, more ability to do activities you enjoy etc

But change is rarely a black and white scenario, where change is completely good, and not changing is completely bad.

So, maybe flip it on its head and ask: What is it costing you to not change?

What are you (rapidly) losing, in terms of health, quality of life, years of life …

The thing is, I help people navigate change successfully, every single day. I love it, it’s my passion, and it’s incredibly rewarding, both for me, and for the clients I work with.

I know what it looks like, the good, the bad and the ugly.

If you’re stuck, and want to change something, I would ask this:

What stops you from changing?