“I didn’t expect a weight-loss program to help me deal with issues of self-worth, loving myself, and seeing the beauty in who I am, but it did! And that’s worth even more than just losing some pounds. (the weight loss is a bonus, really)

This program has really changed my life, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is truly ready and desiring something better for themselves.

I love the sense of joy and playfulness captured in this photo of Brittney jumping. (And then seeing her do some hilarious things like play the ukelele with her foot πŸ˜„)

It’s a joy seeing her explore her incredible talent as a writer, poet and musician … All while navigating an incredibly tumultuous time in her life, where it felt like everything was tipped upside down and dumped all over the place.

Here’s what she had to say about Lifestyle-180:

I can tell you really care, and you probably already know this, but that’s 90% of the program. If I did this program with someone who was aloof and just threw articles and “sage advice” at me, I don’t think it would have nearly the impact.

People who deal with emotional eating and the types of issues you tackle in L-180 need compassion and empathy, not just another program, which is why I think you do so well. I can really see you having a big impact on people’s lives, and I can see that expanding beyond nutrition coaching.

If I were to give you and your program my own slogan, I’d say ‘Knowledge+Compassion = Life-Changing Results’ “

If you’re tired of living up to a stereotype … If you’re ready, not just to lose weight, but to actually start living a life of freedom, where you no longer hate what you see in the mirror, where you no longer feel stress around meals, reach out, send a message, let’s connect!