I want more moments like this 😍

THIS is why I want to be healthy.  This is not about a number on the scale, this is about quality of life.

My weight will be something I always need to pay attention to.  Hitting a certain number on the scale didn’t mean I got a free pass for the rest of my life.

My body didn’t just forget that I used to be obese … Sometimes it feels like it’s bound and determined to drag me back there.

And if I didn’t have powerful reasons, like the beautiful woman in my life and the beautiful country I have the privilege to call home … Maintaining weight loss would feel miserable. 

Unhealthy food didn’t stop tasting good, I just found something I want more, and that I’m willing to be uncomfortable for.

I still have days where “It would just be easier …”

If it feels like it’s a struggle, I want you to know that I get it. You’re not alone.  The truth is, weight loss is hard, especially for those who are, or have been obese.  I can show you ways to make it easier, but I don’t think it’s ever going to be effortless.

But, what I can promise you is that it’s WORTH IT.

What’s your WHY? (Comment below)