“I’m totally going to, but I’m just not ready yet”
We tell ourselves these stories to comfort ourselves when we know we’re acting against our best interests. This usually happens for one of two reasons:
1. You want a result, but, you think that, in order to achieve that result, 120% adherence (along with misery and deprivation) is required, and anything less than perfection is failure.
Because you (rightly) know, that 120% adherence is impossible, you create a narrative in your head that “one day, when the magic ‘readiness’ strikes, I’ll definitely do that” … and that story soothes the discomfort you feel for not taking action.
The problem is, being “ready” for change, is like tomorrow. It never comes. People who succeed, take imperfect action, because they recognize that action is the driver of change. Be flexible and willing to adjust on the fly.
2. You’re unhappy, and you think on the other side of that desired result, there’s happiness. But, you’re really just thinking about doing it, because you saw someone else appear to achieve happiness doing said thing.
What gets missed here, is that happiness doesn’t lie in a result. It lies in purposeful living each day. Happiness isn’t a passive destination.
Ask yourself, what problem will that result solve for you? You might have to get uncomfortably honest with yourself. But, once you have an answer, you can start looking for a solution that works for YOU instead of copying someone else.