I ask my clients to track what they eat.  Is it a bit of an effort, and sometimes a pain to track what you eat? (*Note: track can be as simple as taking photos of meals)

Yes. It’s 100% easier to eat mindlessly.  It’s easier because no effort is required, and you can just operate on autopilot.

Somewhere along the way though, we confused “easier” with “better”.  And it’s killing us.  I don’t believe “ignorance is bliss” is true in all situations.  We say “I’d rather not know” until something terrible happens to our health, and then we say “If only I had known”

There’s 3 things that stop people from actually taking action:

1. The “Ostrich Effect”. If I ignore reality, I don’t have to deal with it. I don’t want to know that I have a serious health problem

2. Clarity & Direction. I’m so confused by all the information, and the competing tribes swinging “science” at each other like baseball bats, arguing for nutritional superiority

3. Accountability. It’s easy to comfort ourselves with excuses. When we say those excuses to another human being, all of a sudden they sound a lot more ridiculous, and we realize that 97% of our excuses are a giant load of BS.

100% perfection? Impossible.

80% adherence? Challenging, but absolutely doable.

One night, a friend asked me what I did to lose all the weight (over 110lbs), if I did keto, paleo etc?

I did 3 things.

1. I pulled my head out of the sand, and confronted a VERY uncomfortable reality.

2. I hired a coach, so I didn’t have to deal with the uncomfortable reality alone. Along the way, I also got CLARITY and ACCOUNTABILITY.

3. I set my kitchen up in a way that made healthy eating easy and accessible.

And then … I stuck to it 80% of the time.
(There’s a few more specifics that I get into more detail with my Lifestyle-180 program).

It’s not complicated. We tell ourselves it is, so we have an excuse for not doing it.

Well, here’s what I tell my clients: “Don’t tell me … SHOW ME”