Are you ready to leave behind dieting FOREVER?

Never again say ​”I can’t eat that, I’m on a diet“?

Walk into a room with confidence, wearing clothes you love not stressing about how they make you look?

Lifestyle-180 Exists for One Reason:

We won’t settle for anything less, because you deserve to get your life and freedom back! You deserve to feel and look great!


1. GET A COACH IN YOUR POCKET: Your coach is only a message away.  You’re never going to be stuck, alone or frustrated again.  Weekly check-ins,  and monthly deep-dive coaching calls to keep you accountable and make sure you smash your goals.

2. NUTRITION COACHING: food becomes a part of your life, instead of your whole life. You can still enjoy real life, and eat confidently in any situation.  Food guilt is a thing of the past.

We help you work through your challenges around food, as we improve your relationship with food, through specific, targeted practice of key skills.

You’ll also get 30 mouth-watering recipes to try every month!

3. TRAINING PROGRAMS: Fitness fits into your lifestyle instead of the other way around. Gym? Home? Body weight? Kettle bells?

Inside the app, you have access to a library of workouts, with programs spanning from beginner to advanced, from bodyweight to gym, to keep your training fresh and your motivation high!

4. MOTIVATION & MINDSET: Feel confident in every situation, never stress about eating out again, navigate social situations stress-free

5. AUDIO & VIDEO LESSONS: Quick and to the point, delivered right to your inbox, they make sure you know exactly why you’re doing what you’re doing.

6. BI-WEEKLY FITNESS & NUTRITION CHALLENGES: To level up your game, these are bonus add-ons to what you will be doing during a normal week

7. SUPPORT & ACCOUNTABILITY:  Most importantly, community, support and accountability.  This is a powerful multiplier.

In addition to weekly check-ins and monthly deep-dive coaching calls, we also have a highly supportive, private, clients-only Facebook group, and we hold weekly office hours, where you can connect with your coach via video chat.


Well, let’s hear it from some of the current and past participants:

​So, yeah, Lifestyle-180 Changes lives.  Imagine 6 months later, you’ve crushed the
program, and you never have to diet again!



Can you guarantee results?

Yes with certain conditions: Simply put if you don’t participate and do the work, you won’t see results, but if you participate and do the work, you will see results … ​This is real life. Find out more on the Results Guarantee page.


How soon after I sign up can I get started?

Right away. As soon as you’ve submitted your information on the sign-up, you’ll be redirected to PayPal to set up payment (No PayPal account required).

Within a few minutes of setting that up, I’ll be sending you a welcome email letting you know exactly how we can get started right off the bat.


What does the program cost?

Lifestyle-180 is $249/month +5% GST (CAD).

I have transparent pricing with zero surprises or hidden fees.


Am I locked into a contract?

Nope. While Lifestyle-180 is a 180-Day program, you’re never locked into a contract. If, at any time, you feel the program isn’t right for you, you just let me know, and we’ll cancel with no hassle.

I am a firm believer that I earn my business by being good at what I do, and genuinely helping others.


I used to be 328lbs.  I’m not anymore :).  I’ve lost and kept off over 100lbs.  So, not only do I “know” how to do this, I have lived it.  I have been through many of the same struggles you have, having overcome my chubby genes to lose 100lbs.

Along the way, I have failed countless times.  I have tried all the quick fixes, fad diets, and magic pills along the way.  I know better now and want to pass on that knowledge to you – so you get the same results I’ve gotten.  For life.  With no weight rebounds.