When a lot of people would have said “It’s too late for me” and given up, Ronda was just getting started!

This motorcycle-riding grandmother dropped 50lbs and 18 inches (without dieting).

Ronda told me about how arthritis and pain in her feet made it painful to even walk across the room. When people would ask her what was wrong, she would say “I guess I’m just getting old”

“Before lifestyle 180 I was 50 pounds overweight, my body hurt, my feet hurt, my mental attitude was not good, I dieted all the time only to gain the weight back plus some. I have tried numerous vitamins, diet pills, elixirs and quick fixes. Nothing worked, yes maybe for a short time but I could never continue permanently.

Lifestyle 180 has made a huge difference in my life, I am 60 years old and thought there was no way I would ever be in shape and look decent again I had almost given up.”

Ronda grappled with stress eating, as it seemed to be one of the few comforts she could find, as she faced up to some very difficult struggles.

And yet, she said to me “I can’t remember ever not dieting in some way or another”.

When her daughter Leah convinced her to give Lifestyle-180 a try, Ronda was skeptical.

But as we started working together, skepticism gradually morphed into trust, and Ronda diligently applied herself to the simple, yet powerful principles that I teach in Lifestyle-180, and month after month the wins were rolling in.

It’s wonderful to talk about the weight loss, and how amazing Ronda is looking, but I want to highlight a few other things that don’t necessarily get captured in the photos.

Ronda has been able to accomplish this with ZERO supplements. No shakes, no pills.

She’s done this WITHOUT extreme workouts that make you want to barf.

No extreme diets or cutting out of entire food groups.

She has never received shame, guilt or verbal abuse. (there’s some horrific coaches out there 😢). Instead, we focus on compassion, understanding, encouragement and appropriate expectations.

We have worked together as a team, towards a collaborative goal. We’ve created an environment of trust, where mistakes and struggles become lessons that propel Ronda forward, instead of hiding them in shame.

When she was able to get into riding leathers that she hadn’t worn for years, that was a tremendous thrill.

Instead of being in pain walking across the room, she’s now able to walk 4, even 5miles a day.

Ronda feels younger now than she did when she started Lifestyle-180!

In Lifestyle-180 we achieve life-changing results, plain and simple. If you’ve got those creeping thoughts that “Oh, I’m just getting old, I guess” … Ronda says “I beg to differ”.

She has achieved truly Life-Changing results.

How would your life be different if you were 30, 40, 50lbs lighter, and knew with absolute confidence that you were never going to have to diet again?

For some people, it’s nearly impossible to believe because they’ve spent so many years trying to diet the weight off, only to regain it back over and over again.
Well, we put an end to that. If you’re tired of struggling, and you’re ready to get life-changing results?
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