I approached Coach Jon because I wanted to learn what I was doing to contribute to my weight concerns and to figure out how to change that so that I could lose weight more easily without all of the confining ‘rules’.

I was tired of dieting. It always felt so restrictive, and I remember saying to Coach Jon:

“I just want to be free from nutrition prison!”

I knew I needed some help with accountability and really just to make better choices. I had felt so defeated with my struggles and poor food choices, and I just couldn’t seem to stay consistent. The accountability factor helps tremendously. Not in a negative way, but just knowing that I’m going to “admit” what I’ve been doing each week.

In the past, I would have felt some disappointment and frustration at seeing the scale come down 1.2lbs per week. Oh my word, how long will this take??? Currently, that is absolute encouragement to see that change each week.

Why the difference? Because I am living a ‘normal’ life, cooking for my family, having guests over to tasty meals, eating what I want within the context of safe, reasonable, manageable boundaries and STILL seeing the scale drop 1.2lbs per week.

That’s exceptional! Normally slow progress would be discouraging progress. Now, that same progress is unbelievably encouraging. Doing the photos was helpful too. I looked at those three shots and realized I am not as big as I often think I am. Fresh perspective removes shame, doubt, and discouragement.

Coach Jon is very encouraging, a good listener, and very knowledgeable. The habits are super helpful because they retrain behavior and because they aren’t threatening – they make sense, they’re practical, they’re not ‘diet’ focused. I feel more confident with coaching. I am now aware of where my issues lie. I have been given the tools to overcome those obstacles and to move towards success.

I have been a lifelong snacker and over time I was able to let go of that, and it’s made a huge difference. And it’s funny, I thought it was going to be more painful and hard, but it was really just so non-threatening, it felt doable. I was almost surprised at how simple it could be, and weight loss can happen without all of the typical rules.

I appreciate Coach Jon‘s style and his positive attitude. I enjoy his insight, and if I was to describe him in 5 words, he is positive, encouraging, connected, practical, and kind.