“You’re not enough.”

That’s the story that most people carry around with them their entire lives. It’s a heavy story that weighs people down and holds them back from ever enjoying happiness.

It’s a belief that’s reinforced from an early age, and continually pushed into our faces because social media is a highlight reel that conditions us to believe that happiness lies in achieving a certain status, or looking a certain way.

It’s a story that I struggled with for a long time. As a nutrition professional who doesn’t maintain 6-pack abs, a “jacked” physique, or a fridge full of perfectly prepped meals, I felt like I was “less than”, or somehow not living up to the expectations set by the bodybuilding/physique industry.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from the morbidly obese guy who tipped the scales at nearly 330lbs, a few years back.

I even dieted down to having somewhat visible abs. After taking the photo, it turns out my life wasn’t any different.

It wasn’t earth-shattering. In fact, most of the world didn’t care. Life just carried on as normal. I wasn’t any happier.

Turns out, abs wasn’t even what I wanted. Really, I just wanted to be able to go hiking with my wife without stopping every few minutes thinking I was having a heart attack.

There’s a genuinely happy medium that lies in between “obese” and “ripped”, where our physical condition is no longer an impediment to the lifestyle we want to live.

That’s the sweet spot where true freedom and happiness lie.

And, my imperfections and struggles? They’re probably the single most powerful reason why I am the coach I am today.

If my journey was easy, I’d have zero ability to relate to my clients. I’d probably be a discompassionate jerk who made them feel guilty about every little mistake they made.

Instead, I think one of the most powerful lessons my clients learn is that they don’t have to put their happiness at some impossibly perfect destination in the future.

They don’t have to wait until they see a number on the scale or an image in the mirror before they decide to start living their lives and appreciating themselves.

It gives my heart such joy when I see photos of them smiling and enjoying life, at peace with their present.

Of course we strive to grow and improve. It’s exciting to think about our potential. I love to show my clients how truly amazing they are, and what they’re capable of.

But we do this from the place of self-love and self-worth, instead of disgust, hatred and loathing.

Life will never be easy. But, the journey of life is made a lot easier when we don’t carry an unnecessary burden of “I’ll never be good enough”.

So, perhaps you look in the mirror and have the thought “I’d like to lose weight”.

Cool. Lifestyle-180 can definitely help you with that. But, there’s a hidden secret that my clients figure out once they’re in the program.

They’re not just losing weight on the scale. They’re leaving behind the burden of a story that no longer serves them.

They’re now on the path to a life of true freedom ❤️