I’m sure we’ve all seen the joke floating around that says:

Wife asks husband “did I get fat during COVID?”

Husband says: “Don’t worry dear, you were already fat”

Wife kills husband in a white hot rage because he made an honest, but blunt remark around her current physical condition

We all chuckle, because it’s an exaggerated stereotype, but there’s a grain of truth in it

But, then my brain goes “Hang on a sec … What belief are we perpetuating here?”

That women should be so sensitive about their current physical condition that they should become physically violent toward anyone who mentions it?

That they’re so powerless to change that the only appropriate response is to violently suppress any mention of it?

It actually sounds kind of ridiculous when you say it out loud.

And yet, under the guise of humor, we’re also kind of pointing out something that has a grain of truth to it.

That many women DO feel extremely sensitive about their current physical condition and are angered and frustrated about it when the reality of the situation is realized.

And part of that anger stems from a sense of helplessness to change. That no matter what they try to achieve, it will never be enough.

There’s a lot more that could be unpacked here, but that’s a rabbit hole far too deep for this post.

Instead, I want to paint a picture of a different reality, because I have the privilege of working with numerous beautiful, powerful and strong women who AREN’T living up to that stereotype.

Instead, they’re able to recognize that, yes, their health and quality of life would improve if they improve their physical health.

Yet, acknowledging the reality of their current situation doesn’t cause them to fly into a rage. Quite the opposite, as they begin showing themselves self-care and compassion.

They’re creating change from a place of loving themselves healthy, instead of loathing themselves in despair.

It’s very possible to love yourself in your current physical condition AND want to change, grow and improve.

Wanting to better ourselves is one of the most powerful human drivers. What stops people is the belief that they can’t.

Well, for my clients, it’s not a matter of “if”, but “when”.

And it’s pretty awesome to watch it happen. We shatter any beliefs that we aren’t able to accomplish this, and then get to work making it happen.

Here’s what client Brittney had to say recently about Lifestyle-180:

“I can tell you really care, and you probably already know this, but that’s 90% of the program. If I did this program with someone who was aloof and just threw articles and “sage advice” at me, I don’t think it would have nearly the impact.

People who deal with emotional eating and the types of issues you tackle in L-180 need compassion and empathy, not just another program, which is why I think you do so well. I can really see you having a big impact on people’s lives, and I can see that expanding beyond nutrition coaching.

If I were to give you and your program my own slogan, I’d say ‘Knowledge+Compassion=Life-Changing Results’ “

If you’re tired of living up to a stereotype … If you’re ready, not just to lose weight, but to actually start living a life of freedom, where you no longer hate what you see in the mirror, where you no longer feel stress around meals, where stupid jokes don’t even bother you anymore …

Reach out, send me a message and say “I’m ready to change”

You might not believe me yet, but life-changing results are possible for you. I can show you how, in under 20 minutes.

In a 20 minute conversation, I can show you exactly what would need to happen for you to achieve life-changing results.

The worst thing that happens in that conversation is, I’ll ask you if you want to work with me in Lifestyle-180.

And if it’s not the right time or the right fit, no problem, you’ll already get enough from a single conversation that you can get started on your own.