One of the biggest obstacles that actually stops people from changing is the fear of what others will say.

Yet, that’s something that we have no control over.

Which means letting something that you DO have control over … is being stopped dead by something you have zero control over.

Trying to control others’ opinions of you is like trying to hit the wind with a baseball bat … you end up exhausted and yet nothing meaningful accomplished.

“I want to lose weight, but I’m worried what my partner/family/friends will think about my efforts to get healthy … so rather than come into conflict with them, I’ll just stay feeling trapped in an unhealthy body that’s deteriorating faster than I’m aging …”

Sounds kinda crazy when it’s said out loud, and yet this is a MAJOR obstacle that holds people back

If you try to go on a diet … someone will say something

If you try to get healthy … someone will say something

If you’re overweight and eat something “bad” … someone will say something …

It doesn’t matter what you do, someone living in their own mental prison will focus on what you’re doing, rather than living up to their own potential

It actually has nothing to do with you unless you make it about you …

So, you’ve probably heard the advice “Just stop caring about what others think” … and not only is that advice incredibly lazy, it’s terribly damaging because people actually try to force their emotions into shutdown mode, which makes them angry, resentful and defensive

That’s a great recipe to live a miserable life. Yeah, you “don’t care” about the opinions of others, but the only way you’re accomplishing this is by suffocating yourself emotionally

So, now what?

You don’t want to be controlled by the opinions of others, but you don’t want to have to suffocate yourself emotionally to try and break free …

There’s two keys that you MUST have, if you want to unlock your own potential AND live a life that’s joyful

Without them, you’ll be stuck between the opinions of others and emotionally suffocating yourself and never actually accomplishing what you’re capable of

If you’d like to know what these two keys are, hit reply and I’ll send them your way!