Some people get offended when I say things like:

“I think shakeology sucks and is a waste of money”

You’d think I actually did something awful like kicked a puppy across a parking lot, or beat up a kid and stole his lunch money.

I’m a middle-aged white dude who likes dad jokes and lives in Red Deer, Alberta, I’m not exactly what you’d call “edgy”.

If my (actually pretty educated) opinion on an overpriced glorified protein drink filled with fairy dust quantities of virtue-signalling ingredients offends you, you might want to step back and ask:

Hmmm, have I been drinking a bit too much of the (metaphorical) kool-aid?”

This stuff isn’t exactly curing cancer or solving world hunger, (most people live on less than 5 bucks a day and couldn’t hope to afford it).

It doesn’t actually possess the qualities of a miracle elixir of life … And if it did, I guarantee you another company would come along and undercut their prices by about 150% (you have to wildly inflate margins in order to make sure everyone at the top of the pyramid gets paid).

I think what’s actually going on here, is people buy into the brain washing, and get so emotionally invested in something, that a contrary opinion is seen as a threat to their very sense of being.

“By insulting Shakeology, you have insulted my every choice in life, and you dare have the audacity to challenge the mighty intellectual minds that have formulated this unrivalled nutritional miracle, you heathen swine!”

Well, I suppose you could see it that way … Or, you could be like “ok cool, whatever man“.

My clients tell me they’re ridiculously glad that I’m not pushing overpriced shakes, and trying to get them into my “downline” … (I don’t have one).  I’m just here to help them get Life-changing results.  And Lifestyle-180 does exactly that.