Kickstart your weight loss with some Rapid Results!

(NOTE: The 14-Day Rapid Results Challenge Registration is currently closed)


What is the 14-Day Rapid Results Challenge?

This isn’t an ordinary 14-Day challenge.

Yes, we’re going to push you (That’s why it’s called a challenge!).  We’re going to show you what is possible, when you put in a dedicated effort.

In 14 Days, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish!  Participants have lost up to 8lbs in this challenge!

Now, in saying this, we know that your health can’t be entirely transformed in just 2 weeks.  (My transformation took place over a number of months)

This challenge is a MOMENTUM KICKSTARTER.  Nothing gets you more fired up than actually getting results, and busting through the plateau that’s been holding you back!

But, it gets BETTER!  While we’re busy kicking butt and getting some hot results, we’re also laying the foundation for you to KEEP those results!


Because, what good would it be to drop 5-8lbs, only to gain it back again once the challenge is done?

The point isn’t to starve yourself for a couple of weeks of any enjoyment around food, while running yourself into the ground, only to reach the end and say:

”Damn, I’m glad that’s done, finally I can go back to living my life”

And at the end of it, you go back to OLD HABITS and undo all of your hard work.



At the end of 2 weeks, instead of collapsing into a heap and falling into old habits and losing the results of your hard work …

You’re going to be on a major winning streak, where you have momentum and you can keep doing this, because it fits into YOUR unique lifestyle.

This challenge will show you the power of habit-based behavior change.  (If you don’t think habits are powerful … try to break a bad one).

We’re going to replace your bad habits with new upgraded ones, that will propel you to better health that you didn’t think possible.


The challenge will be broken into 2 Phases:

Phase I: Fundamentals – Each day we’ll focus a particular task that MOVES THE NEEDLE.  We’ve had people lose between 3-6lbs in this week alone.

Phase II: Build Your Roadmap – Building on Phase I, we’re going to use this week to set you up for success BEYOND the challenge.

We’re going to smash the myths and mindsets that have been sabotaging your results, so that you’re finally ready to get PERMANENT RESULTS.

Registration for the challenge is $69.95 + GST.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will this involve a meal plan where I need to cut out entire food groups?

Nope, at Freedom Nutrition Coaching, we’re dietary agnostics.  We do provide a meal plan for this challenge, and we’ll show you how to tailor it for your unique lifestyle.

We’ll help you choose foods that you already enjoy while eating them in a way that supports your health goals.

Do I need to take any expensive supplements, shakes or diet pills?

Heck no.   While certain supplements can be quite helpful, there’s no supplement or shake that will ever beat real food.

If you’re curious about supplements worth taking, ask in the Facebook group, and I’ll offer my thoughts (I ran a supplement store for 3+ years).

Can I participate in this challenge if I’m over 40/50/60?

I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT if you did!  Fitness and health are not the domain of the young only, and this transformation challenge isn’t just about being young and good looking.  This is about accomplishing REAL change, and it’s never too late.

I routinely work with clients over 50 and 60 in my program Lifestyle-180 and they LOVE IT!  And I love working with them :).

Do I need a gym membership for this challenge?

Nope.  If you have one, great!  Keep it up.

We will provide workouts for you to do during the challenge, both gym and home based, but you’re free to do whatever activity you enjoy most.

Will we have to do insane amounts of cardio, like on extreme makeover?

Double Heck NO!  This is about change that you can sustain and keep doing beyond the 2 weeks.

This challenge is the start of something awesome, and the things I will teach you in here, you will be able to keep doing after the challenge is done.


1. $69.95 Registration fee is non-refundable. This challenge is about taking action, and when you have skin in the game, you’re a lot more likely to follow through and take action.

2. If you are a challenge participant, you agree that, within reason, we can use our communications, your images and results to promote future challenges.  Our electronic communications are recorded to ensure that, in the unlikely event of a miscommunication or misunderstanding, there is a clear record of what interactions took place.

3. Registration and payment of the $69.95 fee is considered acknowledgement that you have read, understood, and agreed to these conditions.