How do we change our eating, such that our habits support our goals, instead of sabotage them?

How do we bridge the gap between what we know (eat healthy), and what we do (eat junk)?

One choice, One meal, One day at a time, your health, physique and future is built.

Here’s how I approach it:

Instead of imagining every meal for the rest of my life, I focus on my next meal, and the choice I will make.E.g. I’m not giving up pizza for the rest of my life, I’m just making a different choice one time.

That subtle shift feels a lot less daunting.

Yes, it’s true … Old habits die hard.  I used to be a pizza monster (I could eat an entire extra large pizza to myself).  When I don’t feel like cooking, pizza is often the first thought that pops into my head.

Instead of feeling dejected, here’s what I do: rather than engaging and trying to fight an unhelpful thought (pizza), I just take one small action step.

I go to my freezer and pull out some frozen vegetables.

Instead of waiting for a feeling (motivation) to arrive, I just started the first step of preparing a meal.  Motivation follows action.  Not the other way around.

Yes, it’s impossible to overcome a lifelong bad habit overnight … But you don’t have to.  When we shrink the change down to one meal, one choice, one thought, one action …

As time goes on, those become our new habits

You don’t have to get your entire life in order today , you just need to make the next choice a good one.  One small good choice is the gateway to another good choice.

Before long, you have momentum.  And the best part?

It didn’t take monumental effort.  It just took one good choice.

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