Almost every nutrition “documentary” does more harm than good.

Trying to scare the 💩 out of you, and basically ruining any enjoyment you used to have around eating.

By the time you’re done binge-watching Netflix nutrition documentaries, your hands are shaking as you slowly lift a lettuce leaf to your mouth wondering “Is this going to kill me too?”

Do we have some problems around our health and nutrition? Oh heck yeah!

Are we going to solve it with fear-mongering, pseudo-science peddling nutrition documentaries that leave you emotionally triggered?

Nope. I mean, you could.

You could try choking down 4 kale smoothies a day, washing it down with butter-infused coffee, until you get so much oxalate poisoning that you have to become a carnivore with a fatty liver.

At which point, you then become dependent on laxatives because your colon is so bunged up, you haven’t had a good dump in over a week, and you’re dreading the 💩-brick that you’re going to painfully birth.

That sounds like SO MUCH FUN!!

Jeepers. Never in human history have we been drowning in so much information, yet STARVING for common sense.

No, eating eggs is not the same thing as smoking cigarettes. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️unless you’re trying to smoke your eggs, in which case, there’s a much bigger problem we might need to talk about.

Same goes for hot dogs. Are you lighting them up like a stogie and smoking 10 a day?

NO? Oh, ok, well then perhaps we need to take some of these statements with a grain of salt.

So, between the steak-eaters, the fat-guzzlers and the kale-chompers, let’s see if we can definitively answer the burning question:



There isn’t one.


I don’t think I could be less anticlimactic if I tried.

Right now, you’re sitting here thinking “Seriously JON?”

I know, right? Could you imagine trying to make a Netflix documentary that would ACTUALLY sell … saying:

Hey, you can be healthy without following some insane diet. You can probably still enjoy some bacon, while eating some veggies


(I mean, that’s basically how a Caesar salad tries to seduce you … it’s like a game of “find the bacon in the lettuce”) 🥗🥓🧀

But, I digress. So, let’s put bacon seduction aside, and let’s look at what most popular diets have in common:

They focus on food QUALITY by doing the following 4 things:

1. Eat mostly whole foods (BOOORING)

2. Eat less highly-processed foods (NO FUN)

3. Reduce or even eliminate nutrient deficiencies (SHRUG)

4. Help to regulate appetite and food intake (YEAH, OK)

And, if you want to make number 3 and 4 more effective … do more of number 1 and number 2.

I know right, not exactly headline news. Netflix is definitely not banging down my door hoping to have me star in their latest “documentary” about nutrition.

Documentaries and diet gurus are in the business of getting attention and pushing agendas.

Because of this, they massively magnify largely irrelevant details and try to enforce ridiculous rules by demonizing certain foods while elevating others to “superfood” status.

I’m a dietary agnostic. There is no “best” diet.

Instead, I focus on a coaching process built around nutrition progression.

If someone is eating Cheetos for breakfast, trying to force them into becoming a raw food vegan or a hardcore Keto zealot would do a lot more harm than good.

So, instead, I meet clients where they’re at. We take into account factors such as: work, stress, family dynamics, time demands etc.

The reality is, almost no-one actually wants to follow an absurdly restrictive diet for the rest of their life.

And, if a diet has an expiry date? So do the results it gets.

So, how do you get results that STICK? How can you achieve your goal weight and maintain it almost effortlessly?

I mean, I could tell you, but would you actually do it?

We live in the age of Google. Anything I’m going to teach you is probably available on Google.

You just might have to sift through 8 Billion search results to find information that’s relevant to you.

Or, you could hire me to teach you in less than 6 months what it could take you 10 years to try and learn on your own.

So, if you’d like the title of YOUR autobiography to be

“I achieved my goal weight while still loving my life and giving the middle finger to stupid diets”

We should talk. “Hit me up” as the kids say these days.

I think that’s slang for “send me a message” …

Your message might sound something like this:

“Jon, I’m so effing sick of trying to figure all this out. Every time I heard one thing is healthy, 2 days later, I hear it’s going to kill me. AGGGHHHH!!. I just want a simple, realistic plan to follow, where I still feel like I can live my life AND be healthy. Is that possible?”

To which I’ll excitedly reply:

“Not only is it possible, it’s a lot simpler than you think. Heck, by the time we’re done, you’ll never have to worry about motivation and willpower, AND you’ll even be able to laugh at the ridiculous Netflix documentaries while you enjoy food like you never have before. Sound good?”

If this sounds like you … Hit me up!