“You’re one decision away from a better life”

I love that sentiment. But here’s what I think people hear:

“One day, you’re going to ‘win the lottery’ and never worry again”

A better life requires more than 1 lucky choice. It requires a series of consistently better choices, made one at a time.

You only need to get your next choice right to start a winning streak.

But you need to be prepared to make the better choice more often than not, if you want a better future.

For example, I love it when people make the choice to work with me in my program Lifestyle-180. I KNOW that if they apply what they learn, they WILL graduate to a better life.

I KNOW that I will do everything in my power to help them be successful. But it still requires making good choices more often than not. And I can’t make choices for others, I can only hope to inspire better choices.

Lifestyle-180 is not about 1 life-changing decision. It’s about a series of life-changing choices, made one day at a time.

It’s a structured roadmap that can shave months, if not years of struggling and frustration off of someone’s journey.
You see, in Lifestyle-180, you don’t just get a program. You get world-class coaching to help you when you’re in a tough spot and struggling with a choice.

We get so zoomed in on the details of our own life, it’s hard to see the big picture. But when you KNOW that your coach has your back, and is keeping a big picture perspective, it lifts a huge burden off of you.

So, perhaps it’s not quite as catchy, but I’d say “You’re one decision away from being on the Path to a better life.”

How awesome would it feel to wake up with energy?
To play with your kids without your joints aching?
To go “shopping in your closet”?
To not worry about what to wear, because whatever you choose, you’ll feel awesome in?

You might read that and think “that’s not possible for me”.

And you’re right. It’s not possible to achieve that with only one decision. But when one decision leads to two, three, four …

One day you wake up, and you’re on an entirely different path of life, with a MUCH brighter future.

For me, it started with hiring a coach back in 2017. Ask my wife if she’d choose 2017 Jon or 2020 Jon?

It’s 2020 Jon 100% of the time. Instead of being a stressed out, overweight, cranky husband … I’m a fit, strong, healthy, loving devoted husband, who will happily date my wife, because I’m no longer insecure about myself and my struggles.

Losing weight, yeah that’s cool. And it will happen.

But what this is really about is you becoming the best version of yourself, so that not only do you enjoy better quality of life … You never have to worry about going back to “old you” ever again.

THAT is Freedom. 

Perhaps you read my content and think “I like what that guy has to say” … Cool, I hope it’s thought-provoking.

But, if you want to get clarity like never before?

How about a 1-2-1 conversation?

Ask KatelynBrittneyRondaBobbieTaylorEszterStacey, or any of my clients, past or present what’s it’s like to have a good old-fashioned chinwag 

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone more compassionate, caring and committed to seeing you succeed.

If you’re tired of being stuck, but, you’re feeling shy, send me a message … “We should talk” 

We’ll set up a time where you get 30 minutes of my undivided attention and expertise to help you get on the path to permanent results