I used to weigh 328lbs.

I was miserable, in pain, cranky, exhausted and frankly, hated my life.

In an attempt to alleviate said pain, I desperately tried numerous methods and fixes.

I know what it feels like to wake up, and obsess over your weight every day, and wish it could be GONE.

In order to lose 110lbs, I had to change my MINDSET and APPROACH.

I had to do something DIFFERENT than anything found in the wreckage of my many failed attempts to diet the fat away.

So how did I lose 110lbs?

One Day at a Time.  One choice at a time.  One step at a time.

You see, the problem was, I was trying to tackle my ENTIRE transformation in one attempt.

I was trying to get results AS FAST as possible.  And the irony?

It took me 5 years longer than it probably needed to, because of my approach.

When we try to introduce massive, overwhelming change all at once?  Our brain and body revolts and fights back.

So, I stopped being in a rush.  I sat down, and I figured out:

“What are the small actions I need to do each day, that when repeated, will produce the results I’m so desperate to get?”

And, I stopped asking “How long will this take?”

And started asking: “Can I keep doing this?”

I chose ONE habit, ONE behavior, and I practiced it until I got good at it.

Then, I built on it.  I stopped trying to master EVERYTHING at once, and focused on mastering one skill at a time.

Every step had to be doable, not just for a week … but for life.  If not?  I didn’t do it.

By doing this, I created a lifestyle that I can keep doing, with no “expiration date”.

Oh, and there’s a ZERO PERCENT chance you’ll do this perfectly.  But that’s ok, because along the way, you’ll learn, and grow, and get better.

It’s this simple.  This mindset, this approach will lead you to permanent results.

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