If you want to truly transform your health, you can’t do it without these 3 things.

Time, Patience and Compassion.

Take a look at the last 6+ decades of diet culture. We’ve created multiple generations of people who fear food, don’t trust themselves, and always feel like they’re failing.

And worse, there’s an entire (failed) multibillion dollar industry that’s based on the premise that you’re not good enough, that sells you quick-fixes, and makes you feel like it’s your fault when they don’t “work”.

Trapped in a cycle of guilt, regret and shame, for being the imperfect human that they are.

There’s no pill or fad diet coming along that’s going to correct our deeply damaged relationship with food and ourselves. All that does is perpetuate the cycle of failure.

For many people this has been passed on by previous generations to us, when we were at a very young and impressionable age.

Human beings are ultimately wired to learn from other human beings. Parenting, teaching, coaching, apprenticeship, mentorship … Google can never achieve this. It’s not an information problem.

Trying to rewire our brains and repair our relationship with ourselves and food is no easy task. But, it’s possible.

And, not only is it possible, when you add human connection to time, patience and compassion?

It becomes inevitable. This is where true coaching becomes so powerful. Not the whip-cracking, a-hole, drill sergeant … The human being who understands and shares in your experience, while providing a guided path forward.

Imagine being so at peace with food that a meal isn’t rushed and choked down, but every bite is savored and appreciated.

Instead of enviously looking at others’ meals, feeling like you’re missing out … You finally have the freedom to enjoy your food without negative emotions robbing you.

For some people, the thought of eating food without feelings of guilt, shame and deprivation, seems like an impossible dream. All they’ve ever known is that food is “bad”. It would be so shocking and foreign that they’d think something is wrong.

“What’s wrong with me … I ate this meal and enjoyed EVERY bite … Without a trace of guilt or shame!”

Nothing’s wrong 🙂 something is finally right. 

So, when you’re ready to break the cycle of guilt and shame around food, send me a message and say “I’m ready to be set free” 💪. And we’ll make it happen ❤️