I reached out to Coach Jon because, though I was regularly going to the gym, I wasn’t seeing the results in the mirror that showed the work I was putting in at the gym.  Nutrition felt confusing, I didn’t know what to eat, or when, having heard so many conflicting ideas.

The first thing that surprised me was how much support I got.  Maybe I was expecting someone to yell at me and slap the cookies out of my hand.  Over time, as I gained confidence, I realized that the baby steps that I was taking, they were starting to add up.

It really didn’t feel overwhelming because the information and coaching I was getting was structured in a way that meant I had time to absorb the information, and I didn’t feel rushed.

It just felt a lot easier with coaching, I felt significantly more confident, my clothes fit better, and I had more energy.

I had quite a habit of snacking, and he got me out of snacks.  It’s takes a little bit of work but I actually soon found I wasn’t looking at the clock waiting for that snack time to get here.

I found that the regular contact, the support and accountability made such a huge difference to my week.  I know what to do, but it’s just that I needed a little boost in making sure I do it more than just a couple of days a week.

Coach Jon definitely gets my vote for being Awesome!