240lbs – Before

2.5 Years ago, I was finishing my first year apprenticeship at College, and at that age of 36, with the college lifestyle of beer and pub food after class, it didn’t take long to be tipping the scale near 240lbs.

When I got back to work I realized that I was holding my breath as I was trying to tie my boots in the morning. Things needed to change!

Working with Coach Jon was by far the most important thing I’ve ever done to support my goal.
It started out with just wanting to lose weight.  I met Jon a few years ago, at that time he was managing a retail supplement store, and coaching on the side. I was new to the healthier lifestyle, uneducated and just wanted to start feeling better.  I was the perfect customer to unload every product and I’d probably buy anything he sold me.

Instead, Jon asked me “Are you sleeping well? Are you eating right? Are you being physically active? Because without those three thing first, you’re wasting your money buying supplements!

This proved to me that he cares more about the person and making sure they reached their goals then creating revenue, and people like Jon are hard to find.  With his help, I dropped 35lbs initially.  (Now, I worked my butt off so I need to take some of the credit, haha!)

Move ahead two years, I want to complete a triathlon, I’m craving sugar all the time, will anything help to stop this?

His knowledge is endless, I try and pick out the bullet points in our discussions because he’s so detailed with the science behind what’s happening with the human body it’s crazy, but very validating!

I was going to the gym twice a day, before and after work, lifting, hot yoga, hour long cardio, swimming, everything I thought I needing to do and still couldn’t get under that 200lbs mark, feeling drained 90% of the time but still pushing to try and get results while scaling at 205lbs.

I wanted to challenge myself to achieve a new level of physique and shed that last little bit of body fat. I knew that I would need someone who’s knowledge of the mind and body was superior to mine, so I started working with Coach Jon again.

188lbs – After

By educating me to make healthier choices for a long term lifestyle, I’m happy to say, this morning as I stepped on the scale I was 188lbs, feeling great and getting ready for a summer that requires the least amount of shirts being worn as possible.  All while training less!!

With questions like, “how are you sleeping? How much stress is in your life? How often do you feel like bingeing?” … It was clear he was going deeper than just what body fat percentage I was!

He was trying to teach me to create a healthy life style I could live by, new habits that would become something I sustained forever.

​Not some quick fix by starving and hating life for a short period of time to complete a goal to only find myself back at the start once I fell off the wagon.

Working with Coach Jon, I haven’t been perfect, I’m not training for any physique competition, just trying to be a better me so I’m not going to stop living, getting out with friends and enjoying a drink or two.

We understand that it’s just going to push my results back slightly, which is okay ‘cause Jon is helping me create long term habits.

We’ve had conversations like “I f*cked up, went out and got into the green beer (St. Paddy’s Day) and found a cheeseburger and fries in my face!

Jon Replied, “Did you enjoy it?” (And yes, yes I enjoyed it so much!! )

But Jon realizes that restricting everything but chicken and broccoli isn’t a lifestyle anyone can be happy living.  We accomplished this while still feeling like I could live my life and enjoy myself.

I’m so thankful for the endless coaching, support and accountability!  It is a game changer.

I would recommend Jon to anyone who’s wanting to learn about how to be a better you. With real conversations about how to change your daily habits to gain long term health and wellness, Jon is one of the best!

Coach Jon’s help has been life-changing!