I’m super proud of Kate, and what she has accomplished since we started working together!

Since the beginning of working with you I have lost 40 lbs. Also taking almost 20 inches off my body is kind of crazy to think about! That’s over a foot and a half!”

But, more than just the physical changes that have been taking place, seeing Kate become comfortable with her hair going grey, and even proudly rocking it!

Kate absolutely loves hiking and being outdoors, and the changes we have made in Lifestyle-180 have allowed her to do so much more, and she’s getting excited about the hikes that she’s going to be able to conquer!  I’ll let Kate take it away with her own words!

Prior to Lifestyle-180, I was using food as a crutch for my emotions.  Now, I feel so much better equipped to handle those situations when they arise.  You helped me develop a powerful viewpoint of choice when it comes to food. I choose to eat healthy and balanced to support my goals most of the time.  I also have the freedom to indulge guilt-free when it involves trying a world-famous treat!

I was stealing my own joy by not living a daily life that supported my love for outdoor activity. Keeping this in mind drives me to make choices that support my love of the mountains and my larger hiking goals.

I think what surprised me most was how the weekly questionnaire, the habits, challenges, your guidance emails, posts and videos all came at what felt like the right time to hear it and have it resonate with me…if that makes sense. It never felt like it came out of left field, you have an uncanny ability to provide words of wisdom and videos of support and encouragement at just the right time.

Looking back I can see how everything connects. You give us tools to practice the habits while providing prompts and opportunity to explore our own relationship with food, exercise and our body. You give space for us to self reflect and learn why we have certain habits, views and thoughts. The program prompted me to really search for the reasons behind old habits and the support and structure to form new ones. You have just enough support and structure to leave room for self-discoveries and individualized application of the habits.

I’m excited that I just feel better about myself and have more confidence that I can do things.

You are so supportive from reminder messages, hearts on our posts, zoom question sessions and your amazingly insightful and intuitive posts. It is extremely obvious that you are authentically passionate about helping others make lifestyle changes.”

If you’re ready to transform your life, let’s connect!